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Welcome!  Let us introduce ourselves… we are Steve and Wendy Foster, and we’re the Home and Garden Hoes.  I know you are probably thinking “what?” but hang with me and I will get back to the proverbial elephant.  Here you can expect to find tips and hacks for home maintenance, gardening and DIY’s.  We aim to bring attention to American made products when possible.

Steve and I take a GenX approach, in short, we have our own ways of doing things, sometimes that may not be conventional, but did I say we were GenXers?

Anyway, more about us, Steve has a mechanical engineering background, and he gives straight forward guidance with a little nonsense, not really, he is a master at DIY’s and makes my crazy dreams come true on a regular basis with his creative style and flair, Steve is the Home Hoe.  As for me, Wendy, I am a self-proclaimed hippie chick Garden Hoe.  I use my love of the earth and all things natural to grow plants and veggies that are beneficial either for food, body products, or cleaners. 

Okay about that elephant…Home and Garden Hoes was born from an idea of trying to build a business around what we know and what we love.  What Steve knows is home maintenance and he can build anything.  We both love gardening and all the benefits and growing our own food.  Now Hoes – is just that, a hoe. In respect to what a hoe does.  A good hoe weeds your garden and leaves behind the good plants to grow and in a sense that is what we are going to be bringing to this site.  Weeding through the excess of product choices and bringing attention to small businesses and American made options.  We are weeders by nature I guess you could say because we are always on the lookout for a new way or new tool to make our jobs easier or more efficient.

One thing I know is a person feels an enormous sense of pride when you accomplish a task you once thought was out of reach, it inspires you to try more things and learn new skills.  Another thing is when you pick and prepare something to eat that came from your garden somehow just tastes better.  As for us and our family we love to learn about old traditional processes that have been forgotten or “outdated”.  Like making our own condiments, I used to think Heinz ketchup couldn’t be beat until I made my own.  All I can say is WOW you should absolutely try.

Lastly, we look forward to building a community with whom we can share advice for general home maintenance, DIY’s and gardening.  Believe me when I say, we are just like you.  Sometimes you think you have everything you need to get a project done, you do all the steps, and it may not work or it looks like it was created by a child.  Do not despair, we don’t.  If all we get out of a job like this is a laugh, well that is good enough, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be enjoyable.  It’s about having fun and creating spaces and places to make memories with family and friends, so come along and grow with us!